The BTC USDT Payment QR Code ,kindly check the following:

When you pay it, kindly email tell us the transaction details or Bitcoin or USDT transaction ID,

and photo the payment Transaction Details to us.

then we can check it. When payment completed ,we will send the product in 24 hours .
Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.

If have any question,Kindly contact us from our order email. or this email :[email protected] BTC USDT Wallet Address and QR Code USDT TRC20 QR Code
TGSP dxEC 1afM CATp diDj RMPP 6WJ7 gx8r 7X BTC QR Code
bc1q 53qd e6th aqw3 4gu5 e08a gsuk v2hm 4ms4 2sa2 w8 USDT ERC20 QR Code
0x 47FD Ecd9 13ed De95 3b0a eCcE 11Cc e0Ba e5e5 Ebb8

For BTC USDT ,you could get it from Crypto exchange market

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