How to Withdraw Crypto from Binance?

How to withdraw crypto on the Binance app?

1. Log in to your Binance app and tap [Wallets][Spot][Withdraw].

2.Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, for example, BTC. Then, tap [Send via Crypto Network].

3. Paste the address you want to withdraw to and select the network.

Please choose the network carefully and make sure that the selected network is the same as the network of the platform you are withdrawing funds to. If you select the wrong network, your funds might be lost and couldn’t be recovered.

How to choose a network?

In commonly we only use the following 3 network:

  • BTC: Bitcoin network;
  • TRC20: TRON network;
  • ERC20: Ethereum network;

Some of the ohter common networks include:

  • EOS: Enterprise Operation System network;
  • BEP2: BNB Beacon Chain;
  • BEP20: BNB Smart Chain (BSC);
  • BTC (SegWit): Native Segwit (bech32). Its address starts with “bc1”. For more details, please refer to What Is Segregated Witness (SegWit)?.
    For certain networks, such as BEP2 or EOS, you must fill in the Memo when making a transfer, or your address cannot be detected.
  • The network selection depends on the options provided by the external wallet/exchange that you are making the withdrawal. If the external platform only supports ERC20, you must select the ERC20 deposit network.
  • DO NOT select the cheapest fee option. Select the one that is compatible with the external platform. For example, you can only send ERC20 tokens to another ERC20 address, and you can only send BSC tokens to another BSC address. If you select incompatible/different deposit networks, you will lose your funds.
  • You should also confirm that the receiving platform supports the contract address of the token you’re withdrawing, or your assets might be lost and cannot be recovered. You can check the list of supported contract addresses from the respective platform.

4. Enter the withdrawal amount and you will see the corresponding transaction fee and the final amount you will receive. You can also select which wallet to withdraw from under [Send From]. Tap [Withdraw] to proceed.

5. You’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction again. Please check the withdrawal address and network carefully before tapping [Confirm].

If you enter the wrong information or select the wrong network when making a transfer, your assets will be permanently lost. Please make sure the information is correct before you confirm the transaction.

6 Verify the transaction with your passkey or 2FA devices. After confirming the withdrawal request, please wait patiently for the transfer to be processed.