How do I take HGH ?

The only way to take Jintropin is to be injected by using an insulin syringe.

Where can I purchase the insulin syringes for my daily injections?

You can purchase them at onlineshop or your neighborhood pharmacy. You do not need a prescription for insulin needles in some states. Example would be to ask your pharmacist for BD Ultra-Fine II short needle. The syringe should be 1cc and 31 gauge needle.

How much HGH should be administered?

Jintropin/HGH should be administered a minimum of .5 I.U’ s and a maximum of 2IU’s daily 6 days a week with one day off. HGH should be given in the evening before bed. You should not eat anything an hour and half before and an hour and half after injection. Also do not eat foods high with glucose (sugar) three hours before taking HGH. The sugar with interfere with your bodies absorption of the HGH.

how to Handling and Storage the jintropin hgh product ?

Jintropin hgh product should be kept cool. This is essential once the product has been reconstituted (i.e. once the liquid and powder have been mixed). When reconstituted, the product must be kept in a fridge at near 5 degrees Celsius. However, Jintropin must not be frozen, and it is recommended to be used within 14 days after reconstitution.

Jintropin hgh product recommends keeping the product cool, and it is advisable to still be stored in the fridge.
Jintropin hgh product can be “damaged” if it is exposed to excess temperatures. Undiluted, freeze-dried HGH powder in sterile vials may be safely stored at a temperature not exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 18 months. It may be safe up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for a day or two before mixing and tolerated without a problem. Once water/diluent is added however, the liquid HGH must be kept refrigerated and used within 4 weeks, or the potency will slowly decline (in case your fridge is not so accurate, we recommend use within 14 days).

How is the jintropin hgh product shipped ? 

We ship the jintropin hgh product by express company like the EMS,HKEMS,DHL,FEDEX and so on.5–12 days 100% safe delivery.
when we send, we will send the track number to you in time.

whats can we do if the package been seized or lost?

If the package been seized by custom or lost, we will resend the package to you in time. dotn worry.

How do I pay for my Jintropin hgh order ?

There are currently three methods. One is by Bank wire transfer. The second is by Western Union or Money gram.

Do I need a prescription?