A: For safety reasons, we don’t discuss this.

A: All products are being drop shipped directly from the manufacturers. Thus our prices are much lower than anywhere else.

A: we will send the orders by the safest way from china, the usa, and europe inside. we will guranttee the shipping delivery, for any reasons, the orders were not delivered, we would reship for free.

A: For track number :
We will send the product to your in 48 hours after the payment. we will email the track number to you after we send,
When the express company gave the track number,We will email it to you in time.
It is need 2–5 days ,Bcause it depends on the express company.
dont worry for it. any question,ask us by email frist.

For package delivery time:
If the flight is on time you will receive the product in following 10–15 days
If the flight delay you will receive the product in following 13–18 days
In special cases, it may take 20–25 days.
dont worry for it. any question,ask us by email frist.

In commonly monst package will delivery in following 5–15 days (Because of the customs policies of various countries and some unforeseen emergencies,then some time the package need 15–30 days,when happen this,,dont worry,you could contact us, we will check it for you in time).
When you get the track number,you could track the package online.

A: Unfortunately, we do not make any manual changes or cancellations to pending orders. Since the order process is entirely computerized, it is much faster, more efficient and less problematic to place a completely new order. So, if you wish to make changes to your order, simply place a new order and disregard your former order number (it will automatically be cancelled and removed from our system if payment is not made within 30 days). NOTE! Since order cancellations are not accepted once payment is received, you must make necessary order changes before payment is made.

A: The best time is to take your HGH injection just before bedtime. However that doesn’t mean that the HGH wont work at all if you inject yourself at noon time for example. It stays in the body for a certain length of time, but you will get the best results if you inject yourself just before bedtime.

A: No minimum order.


  • Add 1mL of sterile water to the Kigtropin HGH vial.
  • Release the water slowly and strictly on the side of the glass vial.
  • DON’T SHAKE the vial violently as this will disrupt the solution.
  • Continue to swirl until all the powder dissolves to achieve a clear solution.

A: It will depend on your age, weight and physical condition, but normally it takes at least 2 months to start seeing some results, but if your IGF-1 levels are really low to begin with, then it will be more like 5-7 months to really see the full results. The only way to see what your levels are at is to have frequent blood work every 3-4 months to test and see where your IG-1 levels are at.

A: No prescription is needed for any the products that we ship.

A: Yes, you may buy our products online. Using Bank Wire T.T and other payment.

A: Our shipping costs are $40.00 USD–$60.00 USD for every HGH order,the shipping fee according to the delivery country. but we offer free shipping on larger orders. Please email us to find out about our specials and free shipping.

A: Of course! You can send the order info to our email : [email protected]

A: In commonly all package can 100% delivery to customer address. In case ,the package been seized by custom,then we will resend it until the package delivery.

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