How to track your package?

  1. We will send the package to express company and email the track number to customer in 48 hours after payment.
  2. then you can tack your package online ,put your track number in following search bar . you will know where you package.

Now we can ship to more country, to US only need 10–15 days, canada only need 8–15 days, the other euro country only need 10–15 days.

track information
track information

3.for now the track number will have update need 5–15 days, because all the package need past the us custom frist, then will send to express company in us, then will have update. hope you understand.

4.if have any question, kindly contact us : [email protected]

or send a inuqiry to us. For mor infor kindly check F.A.Q